Royal College of Art

It seems like I never get as much time actually making my art as I would like, most of my day is filled with paperwork and email. I’ve just submitted my work to the Warm Glass Prize, so I’ll be shamelessly asking you to vote for me when that opens.

The main thing I am trying to get done today is selecting my portfolio to submit to the RCA, I always have a mad scramble to get my photo’s and sketchbooks up to scratch before I submit them, do all sorts of ‘artsy’ drawings and put in a bunch of photos that inspire me and also of work that hasn’t made it into the formal portfolio.

I applied last year and got through to the interview stage, but totally bombed it! But I got put on the reserve list, it was quite devastating, I was so excited before my interview that I told everyone and asked for a lot of advice. The of course afterward telling them I didn’t get in it was devastating. And of course I had to repeat it over and over again. I managed to cheer myself up with the knowledge that I had made it on the reserve list, but still couldn’t shake the feeling of second best, I hate being second best.

So back on the horse, and this time I have a lot less work to do, just updating my info. I won’t be nearly so nervous if I get in to interview this time, but I’ve got to get myself in gear, I’d like to have my latest piece finished so I can take it to the interview.


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