Here is my latest piece, its called Introspection. It was exhibited in the British Glass Biennale this year, and currently resides in the Creative Cohesion Gallery. It’s the largest and heaviest piece I’ve made so far.


Introspection is the first piece in a series which revolves around my fascination with caves. Some of the caves that have been discovered are beyond our wildest imaginings, like the Lechuguilla cave which contains some chambers with giant crystals, and others where every surface is covered with white crystals, the perfectly still and clear ponds are full of sulfuric acid, and when you shine a light into the chamber the whole thing glows and glistens.

The Mayans depended on a system of underground flooded caves for their fresh water. The cenotes where the lifeblood of the Mayan civilization and they believed caves to be sacred, a place where the gods could move between worlds.

Using the imagery of stalactites and stalagmites, my work explores the ancient interests in caves and the duality of existence between the material world and immaterial spiritual dimension of human existence. My interests also lie in the latest breakthroughs in quantum physics so while we know conceptually that space is not empty and that solid objects are mostly made up of empty space, we do not experience it as such. Reversing the two, negative space inside the cave actually becomes solid matter.

Using glass as a metaphor for empty space, the object calls attention to the shape of the space, and veiling or included elements allude to non-material possibilities that we are unaware of or unable to see.

The imagery of caves is a metaphor for undiscovered worlds or possibilities bringing into focus the fact that there are numerous unanswered questions about the nature of the universe an that there are infinitely more unasked questions about the reality we think we are experiencing, alluding to hidden human potential, and untapped realities yet to be discovered.


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