Getting Back to Business

Miniature Bronze sculptureFirst came the cold snap, then the snow, and when the snow was finally gone I was chomping at the bit to get back into the studio, alas I came down with a cold so it was going to have to wait a couple days. I finally made it back into the studio and got some moulds made. The kiln I hire at the National Glass Centre is quite big, so whenever I want to cast one piece I have to come up with a whole kiln load of moulds.

These are some test pieces I’m working on, I’ve had these cast in bronze, then I set them into a mould and I will attempt to cast glass into them. Theoretically it shouldn’t work, but a little birdie told me if I keep them in the kiln long enough it could work. So we’ll see I have no idea how the bronze will react in the kiln, this will be fun.


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