Life Drawing

I’ve started life drawing again with a friend. I do think that drawing is really important, its a great way to quickly work through ideas, problem solve, and think about composition and perspective when making a sculpture. Most of the time I make little models for my sculptures in clay rather than draw.

Figure Drawing

One of my favorite things to draw is the figure, I developed a love for figure drawing in art school, where we learned how to just catch the essence of a pose. Doing quick 15-30 second poses really loosened things up and added vibrancy and movement to the drawings. When I’m drawing I don’t worry about making it accurate or pretty its really about trying new things, I love experimenting with materials. Lately I’ve been doing paintings that include metals, either with copper foil or iron, then building up layers and taking them back to create depth and texture.  Although I don’t necessarily think the figure informs my work anymore, being able to experiment with different materials is influencing how I work with glass and the ideas I am able to come up with.

Figure Drawing


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