How to clean wax…


If you’re anything like me then you might find that when you are making your work, and pouring your waxes sometimes there are leaks or spills or you wax somehow gets contaminated with stuff. Here’s how to clean it in three simple steps.

What you will need:

Dirty Wax
Two containers for your wax- I will use a pot on a hob to melt my dirty wax, and a crock pot (slow cooker) to hold the clean wax and keep it warm for using
Something to melt the wax- hob, or slow cooker
Steel Wool
A metal Seive – Flat or curved

Step 1: Melt your dirty wax in a pot on the hob or a slow cooker, while it is melting prepare the steel wool by unrolling it and laying it into the sieve- try to flatten it down and compact it as much as you can.


Step 2: Hold or rest the sieve over the other pot where you want to have your clean wax and pour the dirty wax through the sieve.



Step 3: Have a cuppa and congratulate yourself on a job well done- don’t forget to trash the steel wool and all that dirty gunk!


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