Don't fear you can still make some glass!

My workshops at the American Market went well, I was inundated with people wanting to have a go, and they made some pretty awesome things, we had people making ducks, suns and even cornish pasties! It was really exciting seeing what people came up with. Now I just need to get them cast, I can’t wait to see how they all look when they come out of the kiln.

If you missed my workshops at the American Market don’t fear you have another opportunity to have a go at making something to cast in glass this Saturday July 9th. I’ll be demonstrating how to make super cute animals! We’ll have dogs, cats, frogs, fish, pigs, butterflies- you name it we’ll have a go at it.

Creative Cohesion is holding a FREE art day, so you can come and have a go at a whole variety of things:

Art Classes and Workshops in Sunderland

Glassblowing with Roger Tye

Glass Casting with Criss Chaney

Japanese Flag Making with Theresa Easton

Pastel Drawing with Joe Robinson

Ceramics with Pip Whiteside

Throw a Clay Pot on a Wheel with Liz Shaw

Spray Painting with Frank Styles from Studio Q

FREE raffle where you can win some seriously lovely prizes.

The fun starts at 10am be there or be square!

Creative Cohesion
20/21 Nile Street


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