Hope Winch Society Prize

Hope Winch Society Prize 2011This is the second year running that I have been commissioned to make the annual award for the Hope Winch Society. This award goes out to a third year student who has been voted the most proficient in their year. This years lucky winner was Xin Ning Tan a student from Malaysia.  The design of the award is based on a gelcap and is solid sculpted glass weighing 1.5kg.

The Hope Winch Society is for all University of Sunderland Pharmacy Graduates.  Named after Hope Constance Monica Winch, who was appointed as the first head of the University’s pharmacy department and was instrumental in its development. After Hope Winch’s death in 1944, the Hope Winch Memorial Committee was set up, and formed the Hope Winch Memorial Scholarship, a prize awarded to the most proficient 2nd year pharmacy student. The presentation of this is at an award ceremony which includes a lecture from an invited high-ranking individual. This is known as the Hope Winch Lecture. Now, the committee gives give the prize to the most proficient third year student, and there are also prizes for most proficient first and second year students.

If you have an award or prize that you would like made in glass, please contact me to discuss your needs.


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