2013 Kulturbrücke/ 2013 Culture Bridge

Glass art for the homeThe Culture Bridge, Fratres is a cultural platform that was founded in 1995 after the fall of the Iron Curtain. The organisation is dedicated to overcoming cultural barriers and is made up of two pillars: On the Austrian side of the border is the Museum Humanum Fratres, located in the northernmost part of the Waldviertel, and on the Czech side is The Gallery House in Slavonice (Zlabings). Kulturbrücke offers creators and visitors a politically independent forum. Led by enthusiastic volunteers, the aim is to revive, through numerous high-profile events, the culturally desolate border region and to set into motion a sustainable process of cultural exchange beyond Europe.

The club puts on numerous events to strengthen regional identity, to advance European cultural understanding, and lead to an intercultural dialogue beyond Europe. These events regularly culminate in joint musical performances, exhibitions, readings, and discussions with Austrian and Czech intellectual leaders.

For the full line up of the 2013 Kulturbrücke, please visit their website, or download the brochure.

Don’t forget, ‘The Year of the Woman’ solo show by Criss Chaney, opens August 24th at 3pm. At Museum Humanum, Fratres 11, A-3844 Waldkirchen/Thaya, Austria. For more information please email criss@crisschaney.com.